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My name is Emily Connolly Graham, creator of Dance House.

As a passionate creative dancer, and having previously taught children's dance, I have finally found the opportunity to follow my dreams and open a my own dance studio! I have found immense joy in introducing the art of dance to the younger generation. I have a passion for helping children develop their creativity, confidence, and self-expression through movement. My goal is to create a safe and inclusive environment where children can explore their love of dance and grow into confident young dancers. Through creative dance, ballet, tap, and jazz, my studio offers a variety of classes to suit every child's interests and skill level. I am thrilled to share my love of dance with children and watch them grow into beautiful dancers.

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Fall in love with dance!


Our mission is simple. Come as you are, and fall in love with dance! We want each child's first association with dance to be rooted in love and acceptance. A place for them to feel at home. A place oozing with joy, and absolutely no judgment. We want to foster friendships, teach love of both music & dance, and most of all - be kind to ourselves and each other. So come, dance with us. Dance House is waiting for you.

Teaching Approach:

Our approach includes 5 pillars:


Creative Dance,

Ballet Concepts,

Tap & Jazz,

Kindness to yourself and others.

The first 4 - Discovery, Creative Dance, Ballet Technique, and Tap happen in order, as dancers age, while the 5th and most important pillar, Kindness, is always emphasized. We start with teaching young children and toddlers to Discover music & beats, ways to move their bodies, ways to use their imagination, and repetitive dance moves that they can practice. We then incorporate Creative Dance, encouraging their imaginations and creativity to drive how they move their bodies. Very basic Ballet Concepts are introduced at age 3-4. This is when it is age appropriate to incorporate basic ballet techniques that can be added upon as they grow and develop dancing skills - regardless if their focus is ballet or any other style of dance. Tap (and later Jazz) add diversity and fun to our classes. Kindness to yourself and others is the overarching point that will envelope every aspect of each class.


We provide dancers with opportunities to perform, and help give them the confidence to dance on stage - even though it might be a little scary for them. Both the Spring Performance and the Winter Showcase will show what the dancers have learned throughout the year. We focus on making sure each dancer feels ready and excited (and we know some will be nervous, still) to be on a stage. We'll make it fun and inviting, so each and every dancer feels safe.

The Winter Showcases will be held on December 19th, 20th, and 21st in the studio during regular class times.

The Spring Performance will be Friday, May 3, 2024. A mandatory Dress Rehearsal will be held one week before on Friday, April 26. Both will be held at Churchill Jr. High.

Dress and Hair:


Students can wear any leotard/dance outfit/tutu they wish, with pink or white tights. Pink ballet slippers, and black tap shoes (for tap classes) are required. For students younger than Kindergarten, hair can be however they feel comfortable. For Kindergarten classes and older, please have hair pulled back, out of their face.

Drop off and Pick up:

Safety is our biggest priority. Parents will drop off their kids by waiting in line in their cars on Suada Drive, in front of the studio. A Dance House team member will be there to greet your child and walk them into the studio located in the basement. For pickup, a Dance House team member will walk your child out to your car after class. Please be on time to help the flow of cars, and to help us stay on time with classes that will follow. Also, because this is a residence, please do NOT park in neighbor's driveways, or block their driveways. We want to keep our neighbors happy so that we don't receive complaints. 

Missed Classes / Makeups:

Please email to inquire about a makeup class! No refunds will be given to classes that are missed. Please be respectful of others and do not send kids to class if they are sick. There are enough germs already, let's try to keep everyone healthy!


Because of the nature of the dance studio being in a residence and in a neighborhood, it is really important that you are on time to class, and for pickup after class. The classes are designed to have some time between them, but it is very short. While one class is being dismissed, another class is getting ready to start. Please help us keep the classes running on time, by being punctual with drop off and pick up.

Questions That Arise:


If you need to contact Dance House, email or text/call is best. Since there is very little time between classes, please send all questions or concerns to my phone or email, instead of asking before or after class. 

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